The tower edition.

Bespoke ordered with all options available to normally owner drivers buyers, everything was just that bit nicer and the buyer approved the build.

Grey metallic with a hint of gold pearl.

Aircon to front with luxury full leather drivers seat. Upgrades music. 

Electric pack including 2x sets of keys and remotes. Electric windows, central locking, rain covers to all doors..paintwork akin to an aston martin.

And then..a mega refurbishment including full factory reconditioned engine in march 2022 with many upgrades same time to keep the taxi in pristine condition..

This was not just a core change..this was the full monty and then some. Even the optima battery costs 3x times the usual quality battery fitted to cabs.

New main radiator, every main hose and stainless steel clips, water pump, injectors, high pressure fuel pump, every engine sensor, egr and turbo renewed..did we forget anything, even down to the new factory expansion water tank that get grubby, not this one..pristine.

And then we put it on the ramp for our quality appraisal and repair once its chosen.

Full disabled ramp and extension and all the belts and security fittings required.  Recent full set of tyres.

This was taken off the london circuit taxi wise and within 48hrs it sits here in norfolk.

Its has not been prepped, checked or cleaned..its drove home at motorway speeds and after driving it 4hrs non stop we can confirm it cost under £30 in fuel for the long trip with friday afternoon traffic, aircon and full lights on all the way.

Taxi was washed after its storm filled trip home, has not been polished..simply wash and leather..and it gleams..

This corporate cab will make a very happy new owner with the knowledge of most of running gear already refurbished. 

The colour for black windows, wedding, special family use and dignified disabled use.

Worldwide export.  Do ask..