one of the nice things about our land rover Santana is that we buy off one person in Spain, YAGO .

he is a very trusted friend and supplier and knows what we like to purchase and own..

these days. we call them same old pie.  remember school dinners or pie at home.  same old pie.

these land rovers are the same.  YAGO  sources them for us in northern Spain. normally  four to six times a year if their located.

we want the same thing.

we require genuine unmolested one or two owner short wheel base diesel 88 inch LHD Santana.

we do not mind poor paint,dents,poor trim,cosmetically challenged, nor do we mind cross members with rust or holes, window and doors seals worn..

WHAT WE DO REQUIRE, is that when we fly in and met at airport with the new purchase its ready for an epic trip back to blighty.

remember some of these vehicles have been very local all their life and we are asking them to cove 1800 miles in a few days.

all oils are changed prior to collection, as are belts..brake fluid and hose set. we like new tyres and inner tubes or nice units fitted to get us home. we like a jack,brace and spare wheel..all filters are new for the trip and spare diesel pipes in case of a problem.

and where off..for a slow by modern standard, very noisy by modern standard long eventful trip home.

no chance using the mobile phone..  oh would not hear it ring. but after a while the noise settles down and one hears the tyres on the road surface and different things while into the trip.

no power steering this one. no big deal. only notice parking or maneuvering slow like parking

this one has had steering box and fittings serviced recently and is nice and sharp. not woolly like some.

brakes are 1980,s rubbish.  servo fitted, i might rebuild this before it leaves, certainly i can get it nicer with modern fittings.

most of time we advise while its on the ramp before it goes is to replace ll moving brake parts, cheap for us to do…expensive if your 6600 miles away and require parts from your local expert.

how was the drive.

fun..slow and noisy. fuel wise very good. we topped up when tank told u half way. normally time for coffee too.

no water used..period.. new hose kit and thermostat fitted

this has heater in cab too, rare in Spain but a nice option. fan works well too.

used a pint of oil in 2400 miles. which is normal for a good land rover 2250 diesel lump.

engine wise ts a peach.the main engine was replaced with new unit in 2011..and it was new. ex old stock military green colour block.

instant starter and immediate nice tickover. this tells us lots about engine.. diesel system is full power unit..santana have 24% more power dedicated to the fuel system. making them pull much stronger up hill and towing. down side is a plum of instant smoke on start up and heavy load.these pumps are old school and not adjustable. so it is important to have a good one.this is good.lots of power.

wiper only give up when its raining, these did.will look at this before sale.

seats are amazing especial 3x seat seats ever in land rover.if your tall like myself one sits up too high.but comfy makes up for it. if your short..heaven sent.

dash is good no major cracks or holes drilled over the years..

seats and dash are in fact the only creature comfort in this land rover santana.

as basic as a WW2 jeep for sure.

like porsche,ferrari, vw and pick drive much nicer LHD. this is fact not fiction. seems more room for driver.

engineers report.

things to improve..we can quote for these or you can do it after and during enjoying using it.

they always leave total turn key read to use. but we can recommend repairs and updates to suit budget and needs.

we are set up here for all types of repairs or restoration of the 88 inch land rover. we even have a dedicated ramp for it so we can replace the rear cross member up in the air..saves old bones bending over all the time.

as sold..its ready to enjoy and drive and use daily driver if required.

chassis.  never been touched much from new. they don’t use road salt northern Spain in rural areas.

requires for future..original rear cross member to be replaced..original unit has last 43 years so done well

2x types to fit..we call one half chassis which includes rear suspension hangers or simple rear cross member replacement.

some out rigger cross members could do with either cutting of or replacing. never been touched and would benefit in future replacement.

bulk head tops could do with replacement panels fitted. not an issue yet. but worth doing before it becomes one.

simple corner replacements  common job.

bulkhead door area, one has been replaced other would be looked at when doing top corners.

again this can be done in future by any body or welding shop..we dont need to do it..but we can.


all original alloy panels. doors are very good. they come top half comes off two bolts. the tops are good. but if replacing we suggest full kit of top door and glass with runners complete. easier and cheaper labour wise. and will last another 33 years.

doors all look and shut nice.

dents to original alloy wings..these can be taken out, no need to replace. normal for opposite front wind from steering wheel to be dented..massive common..due to poor turning circle compared to modern vehicles.  i will say feels very modern compared to the lwb land rover.


is unique to santana. a stonking composite roof must be 4 inches thick of sound deadening colour finished top which keeps hot and cold out of cab for normal old austin van-land rover roof openings where fitted from new. these lasted 5 years before rusting away normally. in  this case alloy panels have been made. no leaks.even better. fantastic option roof.


usual old wiring and earth wire situations need tidy and checking.

currently has three horns..none work..but the will before leaving.wipers need sorting. don’t worry over  a couldn’t hear it anyway..hehehehehehe.


all good. some bolts missing like normal. some previous repairs to bulkhead area flooring. but nothing deterred  for using and driving…and we drove through storms for sure. some rust and thin splash panels like normal. can be changed or left. nothing structural here.


easiest to strip and replace without looking.including adjusters.  big box off new parts.saves labour looking and faffing..

servo needs checking.i think all good..but requires more vacuum. easy fix whatever required. i do know some santana have a much nicer modern feel to pedal than this.if it was your first old land rover you could say they are all like it..but its not the case.


nothing to advise. would be greased and checked on ramp..


good…recent long pipe fitted. no leaks so no need to change.

clutch and gears.

all good.

i would replace certainly the front propshaft as the usual slider wear is prevalent needs a special socket for this and of course we have one. and can supply you one. if we do the job. we always insist on new correct nuts and bolts kit to be replaced

rear propshaft less wear and tear..but it can be replaced very low labour charge while under chassis.

in real world.  propshaft last 30000 miles on good days they work hard.

this model land rover can be 2 and 4 wheel drive too making front prop work twice and hard.


would be checked and serviced.

nothing drive wise to advise really.

wheels and tyres.

a correct dated set of four rims..with a spare wheel…

drive tyres x4 where new for our epic drive home. spare tyre is legal. can be changed for new at cost.

a more modern wheel with radial tyres tubeless can be supplied and fitted at cost ..buyers choice.

personally like the photos of our green convertible santana in pictures…we like the early discovery steel wheels and modern radials for road use.  such a good update..but if your in the woods, nothing is better than the ones fitted.

this is a 88 inch SWB land rover santana diesel 1985..

currently  a station wagon.  3 front seats.

it can be a seven seater fully seat belted. or 5 seat..

it can be a convertible 3 or 5 or 7 seater

it can be a canvas safari top with choice of seats.

it can be a pick up

it can be a pick up with independent hard access rear.

it can come fully restored with updates budget depending.

we are here to sell this genuine example as photos or better.

world export.

currently comes with all up to date spanish paperwork.

it can be registered in ever country world wide

we are global shippers and can assist with this.

price as photos.  Spanish paperwork. checked on our ramp. but no updates or money spent. just safety stuff.

remember its just done its longest ever road trip with ease.

£5460 UKP

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