VW Beetle

Updated Pictures March 2021

February 2021 Update

UPDATE. FEBUARY 2021.just decided to update current as it sits photos..boy its a proper motor car..everything the bug person wants in one package.
It sits pissed..reason being when we lifted it off the ramp we wanted to see how car would sit and wanted to decide with a pre-fit so both sides are equal front and back and look how it sits helps one decide how you want to drive it.it was silly low before. Lots of work had been done.. Still undecided as to upgrade the brake system but as it was we rebuilt each corner..as per other photos..and rebuilt the single system master cylinder..
Engine was put back in a run up.. it’s a mega sweet unit.. I think the throttle cable and wiring tidy to do still.. We ran it up with a fuel can direct to the carb..engine is sweet really is..both tanks are supplied..one powder coated example..might even be new..and original one was repaired. Still good.. Tyres are a lovely set.. The wheels where blasted and painted.
We have a covered transporter and can quote £2 per mile one way from Kings Lynn Norfolk. We can load it onto any vehicle here no problem.
All current paperwork is present. Car is mot exempt and currently taxed.

October 2020

Just out of its container. been part of a small private collection for years.
stupid low we called it. i remember bouncing up and down looking looking..i dont think so.
its such a good car. last of flat screen fuel cap in bonnet type. a proper herbie beetle.
no electronics. the only vehicle that has less electrics than this motor car is my grey fergie tractor. no wonder they made 22 million of them.
photos taken saturday..in the garden..then on ramp this sunday when i decided to make it into the lovely driving car it should be..instead of looking cool and knocking your fillings out..
so why not help and choose..or just choose the outcome.i have very full workshop facilities and knowledge.i have a dedicated ramp which makes life easy.
i have taken it apart yesterday simply to make a nice safe usable vw beetle again. you can choose the way it looks..drives..finish..trim..you can supply the parts..choose the colour..whatever is in your budget. i am fun and interested in what next custodean wants. we offer luxury bed and breakfast here in norfolk if you want to work weekends on your purchase. help and see how its done.
the car. a stonking example. proper solid. found just a couple of rust spots which will have new metal and finish while stripped out.
front suspension beam is an expensive item which comes off in one unit..so i will strip-inspect and reset ride height. checking and servicing all parts and fitting new brakes.paint and refit..job done.
to the rear i will strip out rear suspension. inspect-service-repair and reset to nice ride height. replacing brake system to rear. replacing all serviceable parts required.
a new master cylinder will be fitted as will new brake lines and hoses. easier to have blank canvas. all steering and suspension parts will be changed or serviced.i always fit a new rubber steering coupling and bolts to these.job done.
electrics will be tidied. real easy and nice job.one takes off 6x wires only to remove the whole engine lump.
again your choice of level of parts used and finish. have funds if you have dreams.
engine is a peach.a lovely AB number twin port 1300 44bhp unit. instant starter-runner-good oil pressure..no smoke..no oil use..proper thing..i will strip and inspect outside of engine..fan off etc..replacing all oil seals and gaskets and paint cowlings etc refitting with new bolts..your choice of exhaust system..standard or otherwise. some is already new but i would be changing some parts.
gearbox. lovely box..not old and in very good condition. simple service and oil change there.
clutch..might as well fit new kit with engine out.good quality kit advised. nothing wrong with clutch driving saturday however.
all cables and levers will be checked and serviced. anything needed gets changed. would be nice to fit all new air ducting as it looks nice but works proper too.
body. straight.nice. pint is poor..painted approx 15 years ago..needs new paint or enjoy the patina.was going two tone on sides but had never decided what colour. buyers choice.leave or paint..budget allowing. if painting a different colour windows need to come out and dash stripped to colour code.
wings where new when last painted. expensive california items..still like new top quality with quality bolts fitted at time. rear lights are empi 1955 ford coupe type..rear wings not modified to fit lights..these are the real deal.
price is from £3500 for finished driving car.full rolling restoration have a £15000 budget. or choose somewhere in the middle. ideal special present.. its a proper herbie and will outlast all of us. time wise..am quick and fun. world export no problem. do ask. we are near kings lynn norfolk.
£3500 buys this car up and running. new brakes-steering-suspension-tidy electrics.new battery.engine detailed and serviced. tuned. matching set of tyres. no paint no interior except what is there.
£5500 buys painted, new door seals.basic interior upgrade. (same colour) add £600 more for colour change with new screen rubbers and dash done etc..
£10,000 gets new trim package. original nice headlining. new chrome outside including wheel covers..powder coated wheels.
£15,000 buys a fully looked into vehicle which looks very nice and cared for rolling restoration. no need to full strip this vehicle.it could be stripped-dipped and started again but its a new car and £24500 then.

so have you got £3500 for a very safe beetle.
or better budget for better finished vehicle.

so many options. good fun and nice safe car at the end of it. any inspection before -after-during or in fact come and help. knowledge is everything.