Talbot Camper For Sale

Talbot express panel van motor home camper. New 03-12-1987 1.9d diesel 5 speed.

Model auto sleeper two plus 2.  

Two single full size beds or one huge 3 size lower bed..

With option of upper small person berths if required.

Normal size small van with high top option. Inside standing approx 6ft 5 inches. From front to rear.

Has the bullet proof 1.9 xud engine non turbo diesel that goes into many vehicles making it easy for spares and finding people to service them.

Originally from factory stated as 2.5d but it does not look like anything has been modified to fit this 1.9d engine when it was fitted as reconditioned in 2011.

After collecting it from its home in spain we noticed oil use. Not lots but it required topping up several times in 1500 miles.  

So we took the whole engine out for inspection. Engine stripped. As photos. We found the cylinder bores glazed. Normal stuff when they have very low usage. Bores should not be smooth for the piston rings to work.

So engine was stripped and inspected ,bores hit with our glaze buster and new pistons and rings fitted to block.

Same time the big ends-main bearings and thurst washers where replaced..NOT For wear..JUST Standard engineering practice. The oil pump and chain was replaced. The cylinder head checked for any wear and rebuilt using new gaskets and seals. Clutch was fine..LOW Miles since 2011 so no need to replace. Of course a new cam belt fitted(the old one still had manufactures writing on it) as normal engineering practice.

Injectors where serviced and pressure checked. Many other items checked and replaced during refitting.

As of today..ENGINE Has just completed 200 miles on 70% throttle use and will soon have its nuts and bolts checked and oil and filter change.

Underside is like a five year old van. Hyper clean and correct. Inspection invited. We red oxide painted the suspension while we steam cleaned the underside.  WE Have not waxoiled the underside yet as would prefare buyer inspection before we do this mammoth job with 3 gallons of waxoil..BUYERS Choice of clear or black wax. 

Circa 2011 a full rebuild of this vehicle was performed for its new life in spain-portugal.

Front wings and all doors where replaced.

Cooling system replaced including the largest alloy radiator for the european heat..EVEN In spain it ran at 85 degrees on the gauge..I Only heard the cooling fan come on a few times in nearly 2000 miles.

Since its return we have had it on the ramp and inspected all moving -steering and brake parts.

Rear brakes look recent..INCLUDING Brake drums..ADJUSTED Work fine. Front brakes very smooth and serviceable.

Exhaust will have all rubbers replaced before mot.

Charging system is spot on..A Proper zig zag charging system fitted to charge the leasure battery too.

Both battery are recent. Quality items. All electrics inside and out work normal.

Five matching tyres just replaced and are very nice ride. The older units where sun dried. All balanced and proper. The spare still has its sticker on even. Tyres so far have done 100 miles only.

Brake fluid and anti freeze are new. Several water hoses replaced during engine refit. 

Van is due mot. This will be carried out prior to purchase, we encourage buyer to travel to mot centre with van if possible to see van having proper old school mot inspection.

Towbar is fitted with 7 plug wiring. We used it this weekend towing our motorcycle trailer to a show.

Inside is a tardis.

Hot and cold instant water..INCLUDING Outside shower equipment.

Full propane blow air heating. Propex type. Instant heating. Blow air heating can run cold too..

On a thermo stat. An expensive option. Sooooo nice first thing in morning.

12volt lighting inside. 240 volt hook up. Through a legal wiring system.

Full size 3x way fridge. Microwave and 4 burner hob. Kitchen can be operated from inside or rear of vehicle which is clever.  GAS Bottle and fittings is included.

All windows are double glazed in rear. Large sunroof opens easy and can be removed if required.

Curtains are double lined. Very clean. Smell nice and make for dark area to chill or sleep.

The top roof windows and sunroof have velcro curtain covers..

There are two cold air fans operating in the rear if required. Can be used while driving too.

Cushion covers are clean and tidy. Can be upgraded at cost as we have a local person who makes them. Value £360 parts and labour. All covers and curtains have been recently cleaned..THEY Simply had spanish dust on them.

Inside the cab is nice place to be.

A modern sterio with remote and instructions is fitted with four speakers..

No rips or burns. Front seats are very comfy and modern with driver bolster support adjustable and seat actually lifts up and down. Currently the front seats do not swivel. Swivels are available.

Cab heater works fine. All systems are easy to use..THE Talbot was very well put together.

And best of all no electronics or ecu,s to worry about.

Mpg expect 40 to the gallon at 56 mph. Its not a sports car..WHY Should it be..WE Drove 56 average from spain and it cost 37 euro more on tolls than it did in diesel. Very happy with fuel return.

All doors lock. 2x sets of keys.

Water tank locks. Waste water tank drains from underside.

We invite any type of inspection. Road test and vehicle up on the ramp.

This is not new. Expect wear and tear. But i will say its a fine specimen of a camper.

The price of £4995 is justified and includes a full tank of diesel. Full waxoil. One full years mot and delivery if required.

We are engineers, we can modify and make things..DO Ask if you want something changed. Hourly rate is £46 plus vat plus parts. Here to help.

We can collect you from train or plane. Nearest train station being watlington, nearest airport stansted.

The x1 bus from peterborough comes into next village and is very quick to use. We collect from village.

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