Jaguar 3.0 V6 Sport

Probably the best vehicle you will ever own.

It shouldn’t be the case. But it is.

Very long term ownership before us. A CEO of a printing concern

In beaconsfield berkshire. Very full service history with stamped book

And receipts for work. Latterly for many years under the serviceship of powerbell jaguar

Serviced  by Colin Phillpott, a most trusted and respected jaguar factory technician. We where very please when reading the history to find Colin and Powerbell in the book.

Makes a life time difference.

Word was, the ceo was not happy with the company car replacement options after 5 years and kept this vehicle for another term. Then only when the new lwb 3.0 v6 lf was available did he update. Even so..this jaguar remained in the household, the clue being the wear in the overmat drivers carpet from the stilletto.

In the best colour with contrasting very full leather interior. Never smoked in..still smells like a jaguar should.

Its the sport model, with 6 speed automatic gearbox with sport mode and traction control. This vehicle was £50,000 driving out of the showroom with the media package, sat nav,posh sound system, climate control dual airconditioning and the big wheels and tyres.


Mpg..does more to the gallon than our land rover discovery 3. Much more. We return 30-31 mpg every drive..even the government figures when new stated overall was 27 mpg..we dont dash need to when one drives this fine lightweight.

How does the vehicle drive..oh thats a well bred small motor car..never mind it being 4 metres long…and wide..its alloy bonded body makes its as light as a small hatchback and boy it shows..many including ourselves have stated they would not want the bigger engine 240 bhp in this lightweight is far nicer than a bigger engine in a heavy motor car.

You know how good they are. So does this have any faults.


  1. Body and paint like a 5 year old luxury car. No excuses.
  2. Everything works from the factory..everything.
  3. No rips or tears or blemishes. One stilletto hole in over carpet drivers side.
  4. Air suspension light can come on about 5%  of driving..talking to colin at powebell he advised its the compressor sensor that gets cannot simply change the sensor, he advised sometimes servicing the air compressor with its wabco £27 service kit does the job, even the compressor is only £250 new..but he advised..most older cars have this and it makes no difference to owning or driving..its not often on..but worth a mention.
  5. Alloy wheels have paint blemishes. Quoted £55 a wheel any colour..but cannot decide which colour, have seen them grey, blue, silver, gunmetal and all look good..its buyers choice, we will have them done in price and buyer gets to choose colour.
  6. .it does not need valeting before sale.its always clean and tidy.
  7. Miles go up as used most days..186.000 ish at present. It still drives as it ever did and will continue to do this..remember no cam belts…its a chain and all previous updates and call backs from jaguar have been performed at service level.
  8. Do not be put off buy miles..have joy this is a purrfect big cat..


Any inspection is invited. A ramp can be made available.

After purchase. The motor car can be delivered to your door, docks, or overseas at cost.

Always here to help. All we ask is you be as polite as ourselves. Makes a difference.


Asking price of only £4460 is justified and does not seem enough for something as good as this. Use it as company vehicle, pure pleasure or wedding car..its right colour for wedding car.the blue contrasts lovely with the dress..unlike white cars and different white dress..

What the press said on its launch…

It’s easy to be cynical about the Jaguar XJ6 as it uses the S-Type’s 3.0-litre 240bhp engine to create a new entry-level model. But the firm is adamant that the installation is not just a cheap and easy solution.

Because the new XJ is more than 200kg lighter than the previous 3.2 V8 entry-level model, there is no performance deficit. What’s more, thanks to a 60 per cent stiffer bonded and riveted aluminium body, improved build and lower noise levels, Jaguar claims that the newcomer is nearly as refined as its eight-cylinder models, which we drove in last week’s issue.

If anything, the 3.0-litre is the best choice in the new line-up as it boasts a respectable combined fuel economy figure of 27mpg, plus lower insurance costs and CO2 ratings. Standard CATS computer active suspension and traction control inspire confidence and help deliver huge levels of grip, especially with the firmer Sport set-up driven here, while the brakes offer excellent stopping power and plenty of feedback.

But it’s the steering that’s the greatest revelation. It has immediate and predictable responses, which give the big Jag the feel of a much smaller and more agile car, but at no detriment to the superb ride. Among all the luxury cars on sale today, the XJ6 is certainly one of the most driver-oriented.

Performance is not lacking, either, as the Jaguar sprints from 0-60mph in 7.8 seconds – two seconds quicker than the entry-level Mercedes S-Class.

Even the cheapest XJ6, which costs £39,000, gets electrically adjustable leather-clad seats, cruise control, climate control, reach-adjustable pedals and a top class sound system, while Sport trim adds figure-hugging seats, tuned suspension and 18-inch alloys.

The XJ isn’t as spacious as some rivals, but it now offers more leg and headroom front and rear, plus a larger boot. Jaguar has kept the car’s classic silhouette, and while some may be put off by this old style elegance, the newcomer is among the most accomplished executive cars money can buy.


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