AUSTIN MINI CLUBMAN MOTOR CARAVAN. yes its registered as motor camper from new.

Monday 3rd May:

Video of the Camper can be seen here:

Update Saturday 1st May:

saturday update.
new petrol..cleaned plugs. fitted battery fired up straight away and has been running for 15 minutes.
no exhaust fitted. am sure we have it somewhere..boy its a peach..powerful..proper powerful.

1974.  1275 cc with 4 speed automatic gearbox with park facility.12 inch rover mini running gear with big disc brakes to front and rover big drums to rear.
19000 miles warranted from new. owned by ourselves since 1996. We travelled 3000 miles in it. Sometimes towing a 6 berth trailer tent. Making it the only 9 berth mini motor caravan ever. this travelled at 70 mph all day with a 998 engine in it running 10 inch wheels. So stable.
In circa 2001 we had a very very low mileage automatic mini 1275cc saloon come in our garage. we lifted that and this camper next to each other and changed the whole running gear in one. including the big rover brakes and rover auto pedal box along with the full front subframe .at the time new discs and pads where fitted along with big brakes to rear. we owned a large mini garage so this was daily work for the same time we had our painter do the cab rover denim blue to update the outside.12 inch wheels where fitted same time.
So running gear is circa 1995-6 1275 rover mini auto. Unleaded full bore engine.  With all rover mini running gear.
We started to remove the proper caravan wall paper..simply to don’t think there is damp inside..its dry as a bone..always has been. Its been kept in storage inside since 2001 only coming out once a year to wash and clean the container. We have several vehicles in our personal collection. 
We where very busy at that time of our lives with 3 garages, a land rover business, import export. And all our vehicles where put into storage. We have purchased an expensive roll of proper caravan wall paper. Which is included. Also a massive roll of red  and i think blue or green top quality judo mat vinyl. As we where going to upgrade the living.
So what is it. well its registration is AUSTIN MINI CLUBMAN MOTOR CARAVAN. built like this from new. Designed in house and built from a new mini clubman estate. They made one. It was a design costing exercise to see if it was viable. It was too expensive to put into production and the company turned to fibreglass shells for their small camper built on Citroens. I have seen a Rover Coupe V8 camper produced by the same company too. the overhead area over the cab is actually the original roof from the clubman. And lots of original metal removed was used to make the camper. It’s a one of one.  I was advised twice the estimated budget costing to be honest I can see you know..its never been repair welded. Nor does it need it now. We lifted it up to check. If i have time i will pressure wash before any sale or ongoing work. We have no problem getting this going ourselves for its next adveture.either just the hard work or the full Monty. We are £46 per hour plus vat.  I could do some costings if required. Or will sell as is. Delivery from here in Norfolk is £2 per mile one way plus vat and any tolls ,boats or expenses. Covered transporter.
Its the best most stable mini ever to drive..I have owned over 600 mini alone. I do know. and with the rover upgrades it will be a quiet powerful blast to own.
So whats inside.2 or 3 berth. Full adult size. Beds can still be made up and walk and cook in the camper. 4rd bed we had a thick foam on the floor.. it has a toilet. Yes a mini with on has 3 burner grill and toaster. And a proper grill. running water. size sink with proper outlet. Removeable too.full caravan size lockers and storage. Gas central heating with lower being a gas fire and upper being blown air heating..believe a mini.has its own umberella storage.a full size gas fridge. With docuements. In fact we still have the manufactures documents in a file.
It has wind down custom stabilisers. That still work..lowe when rock and roll. Double glazed side windows with full custom alloy covers. A roof window and a window to the split caravan rear door.
Storage is amazing..same size as a small caravan. 
Beds turn into seats..front seats turn round to make leisure  seating. The steering wheel comes off to allow this.when it was built. A massive ammount of trawler boat underbody protectant in silver and lead oxide was used.we where advised 10 kg was used..its still all over the place..inside and out. Awesome protection. 
We could..budget allowing fit electronic power steering to this fine motor camper. Wedo this now to our land rovers.
The doors have inside security..everything was really thought out.
If i recall before a long german trip to the international mini meet we replaced brakes and rear suspension bearings as there was slight play. In 1500 miles i remember not lifting a spanner.  And it kept same speed as a brand new mini sidewalk on its first drive and a 1275 GT.this did not play catch up. I guess we cruised at 60 mph all day every day.
To convert to bed mode takes less than 10 minutes..and your asleep.
How many mini can you cook breakfast, wash, use the bathroom, wash the dishes and cruise at over 60 mph.i can tell you..only this one.
I have owned an early mongoose mini caravan. I can confirm its the worst mini i have ever driven beyond anything in the same league of awfulness. This is the total opposite.
So its for sale as photos or better..its difficult to show how good it is. Any inspection invited.i can quote for any work from simple to the full monty. But please no dreaming on my time.
Offers are invited. Or a nice late lovely condition van for our business could be acceptable. LHD even better.
LHD conversion of this mini motor camper available in house if required.

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