1972 VW Camper Type 2

This is lovely. Without excuse.  07-1972 early bay Window T2 VW Camper.

Engine is 1699 cc   bore 85.5 mm   with stroke 74 mm. Running twin carbs and custom stainless steel exhaust.engine is a total peach. non finer. Cruises at 70 mph. Sounds like a growling subtle Porsche 356.

Porsche Fuch style alloy wheel. 15″ 6.0″ 5×130, 35mm off set.

Now i am not a VW person. I make no excuses to knowing f-all about VW. I do however, know lots about quality.and this is quality.
Why you VW  people lower things is beyond my brain. Why you want to drive slow and look cool is totally beyond my brain.
This is tax and mot exempt. 
BUT TODAY…TUESDAY 19-04-2022 We have transformed it into a 911 limousine in a day.fitted the standard front stub axles again..adjusted the GAZ shocks properly..adjusted to tracking..checked the KPI and road tested.bled the big disc brake calipers.. And was very happy after a few road tests and changes.its totally transformed. It rides 3000 times better.. Cruises like an early 911. Very happy spending the time and money on it.currently sits on its smart car perfect front tyres..does not look silly..

It comes with everything ready to go. Blow air heating. All the bits. 

911 porsche electric blue seats to front.

A full car cover..to cover the entire thing.

Always lives indoors. I guess they have to ..

Wedding car quality and then some.

Its awesome..

Rear end is total peach. Sits perfect.

Not a trailer queen but could be.

And its ready for your long hauls now the suspension is transformed..

Scotland and back in a weekend now..not to the shops and back..



Towbar needs a little VW single seater racing car on a trailer..marvellous.